Xbox 360 red ring of death fix

The Xbox 360 is a truly amazing games console but it can suffer more than its fair share of hardware faults.  The Red Ring of Death (or RRoD as it is better known) is one of the most common.  We have seen a few reasons why this happens but there are plenty of guides out there which can help you determine the exact cause of the fault.

Xbox 360 motherboards and chips often need a bit of attention and it can be worth an hour of preventative maintenance to keep your console healthy, even if there is no error.

Xbox 360 repair guide

Many RROD repair guides now come with video and some even have access to a support area, so it's worth looking into.  We do have a favourite here which is the highly recommended 'James Dean Xbox 360 RROD fix'  It's not free but he does provide some video tutorials and the price is fair for what you get.  There is support available and a 60 day money back guarantee, worth asking the question if you're buying a fix rather than trawling the internet for information.  The worst help we've seen is the 'cover it with a towel until it overheats' trick.  Guaranteed to fry your console and maybe start a small electrical fire.....

For other fixes, here's a few currently available

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