Westone Spectrum DX

If you're like us then you not only play the plastic but also have a few real instruments hanging around the house too.

I personally use an 80's Westone Spectrum as my main axe which gives me Fender-like sound for a decent price. Now some purists might argue the toss over this but I'll just say that I've owned 7 Stratocasters in the last 10 years and they have all been blown away by the last Westone. Not that I don't like Fenders (hey I've had 7 - remember?) but the action and general playability of the Westone just suits me down to the ground.

Sound quality is bassy at first but tweak those DiMarzio Humbuckers and you can emulate a Strat for a fraction of the price.

I have owned quite a few 'vintage' Japanese guitars - Matsumoko (who made the Westone until the factory burnt down), Ibanez etc to name a few - and find them very good, quality bits of kit. Because it didn't cost much to start with, I now have it on very cheap musical instrument insurance and everyone is happy, including the wife.

You can pick these up now at auction for silly money, sometimes cheaper than a crappy squire copy, and I guarantee you'll not be disappointed.

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Drop me a comment if you do get one and become a convert!



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  1. milton on Wed, 17th Feb 2016 12:56 pm 

    Hey, good point agreed 100%.
    Just curious how did you tweek those pups..?

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