Use your GHWT drums on your PC as e-drums!

We wrote an article a while ago with a great deal of help from one of our visitors showing you how you can use your e-drums as a Guitar Hero Game Controller. This was a very popular article with lots of interest.

Now the cleaver guys over at have written the software and created some great tutorial videos showing how to connect your Guitar Hero World Tour drums to the PC and use them like a real professional e-drum kit. So now we have the best of both worlds, whatever skins you own can be used for gaming and creating music!

I mentioned a while ago that I would create a how to video on using your Guitar Hero World Tour Drum kit on your PC. Thanks to Magnus’ PS360MIDI Drummer software, the ability to use the GH:WT drum kit on PC became possible. To think that you could turn a gaming controller into a high quality midi controller is amazing. Something like a Yamaha DTXpress costs $800 AU + .

I realize you can’t compare the GT:WT drum kit to fully decked electronic drum kit, but for less than $150 , the Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Kit does a pretty awesome job. Watch the videos below on how to setup your Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Kit on PC

I encourage you all to pop over and have a look at what they have created, it is quite amazing!
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One Comment on "Use your GHWT drums on your PC as e-drums!"

  1. bellylaughs on Wed, 21st Oct 2009 11:40 pm 

    Just what I need now the nights are drawing in! I’ve modded my drums based on a few tutorials on your site and others and they have a great response time now but midi will take my gameplay to the next level.

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