Drum Maintenance: Top Tip

April 29, 2009 by  
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The only thing better than an excellent DIY repair is... well not having to perform an excellent DIY repair eh!

Following a marathon session on the drums you may find you have a screw loose, not through hours of pounding beats but more because, while you have been wailing on the pads, the tiny black screws that hold the frame together are undoubtedly coming loose. You will not know this until you go to pick up your drums and one of the legs falls off, and who keeps their rock room tidy enough to find a tiny black screw on the floor once it has fallen out? Not us that's for sure!

So todays top tip is:

  • Check the screws holding your drums together from time to time - they could always do with a little tightening, or if you are a bit more of a perfectionist then get yourself some threadloc from a hardware store, this is basically glue that sits on the thread of the screw stopping those nasty vibrations loosening your screws (or nuts for that matter!).

Got any top tips of your own to share with the community? Post them below we'd love to know what works for you!