Double Bass Pedal Adaptor

If you have tried to drum along to Van Halen, Metallica, and others and thought - How do they hit the bass pedal that fast? Well the trick is to use 2 pedals! All Guitar Hero drumming games support this feature and some of the later games even have a special fiendish difficulty setting made especially for it - Expert+!

If you would like to add a second bass pedal to your current setup it is as simple as getting hold of another pedal and a special adaptor that allows you to plug both pedals into your GHWT drum kit at the same time, these adaptors either come with the new official standalone pedals, and now you can also get them here.

These small and handy adaptors just plug into the purple bass pedal post on the back of your GHWT drums (Band Hero drum kits now come with 2 ports as standard) and allow you to use both pedals at the same time.

Double Bass Pedal Adaptor FAQ's

  • Does this work on my drum kit?

This will work on all Guitar Hero drum kits, while it will still work on a Band Hero drum kit it is not needed as these kits come with 2 bass pedal ports as standard (you could add a third and fourth pedal though!)

  • Where can I get a new Bass Pedal to use with this adaptor?

You could try our parts store for our latest listing on all our parts

  • Do I get instructions with my order?

No, in this case the procedure is so simple that all the instructions you could need are contained within this page. Email support and the forums will be able to help with any issues you may have

  • Do I need any special skills to fit this item?

No, these just require plugging in.

All of our parts are supplied in protective packaging to ensure they reach you in perfect condition and we keep plenty in stock for rapid dispatch to anywhere in the world

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