Repair Parts

Question - How much abuse can game controllers take?

Answer - Never enough!!

As with many great games the more and harder you play the more controllers you will go through (nod here to Daley Thompsons Decathlon - the Granddaddy of all joystick killers), and Guitar Hero is no exception - We aim to bring you the easiest and cheapest ways of getting back up and at 'em as soon as possible!

If you cannot find the repair you are looking for why not Contact Us or have a look at the Repair Forums where we answer any repair questions sent into us by users!

Below is a set of links to our most popular repair parts, if you are looking for a replacement part then browse our Spare Parts Store where you should be able to find what you need for both Guitar Hero and Band Hero instruments.

Featured Items

Solderless Drum Repair Kit Solderless Drum Repair Kit
Quick and easy fix to repair any drum pad on your drum kit in only 5 mins
Bass Drum Repair Kit Bass Drum Repair Kit
Replace the wire and sensor on your bass drum with our superior parts
GH Strum Switches GH Push Strum Switches
Strummer switches (push type) compatible with GH3, GH5 and Band Hero Guitars. Simple to fit and excellent quality
GHWT Strummer Switches Strummer Switches (GHWT)
Downstrum not working on your world tour guitar? Swap the switches for more durable and responsive items now
Wii Drum Joysticks Upgraded Wii Control Sticks
Replacement joysticks for the new Wii drums, much stronger and easier to use
Solderless Drum Repair Kit Upgraded Cymbal Cables
Higher quality, replacement cymbal cables for the Guitar Hero World Tour drumkit