Upgraded Replacement Cymbal Cables

Buy Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Cymbal CableWe are constantly receiving emails from readers who are looking for replacement cymbal cables for the Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Kit. It seems the most common cause of these cymbal cables breaking is that people either twist the cymbals all the way around or take them off, forgetting that they have a cable coming from the bottom of them, and with only a slight tug... 'snap'! To that end we are happy to bring you our exclusive Upgraded Cymbal Cables

Made from thicker, more durable wire, they also have plugs which are straight (as opposed to the angled ones on GHWT cables) which have a much greater surface area to grip onto the cable. They are also longer, allowing you to leave yourself a bit of slack in the wire for when your ham fisted friends try and take the cymbal off! If you are not sure if it is your cymbal or the cable that is broken have a look at these useful steps to finding out

They are easy to fit requiring only the small phillips or torx screwdriver needed to get the back off your drums then its plug and play!


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Cymbal Cables FAQ's

  • Will this fit my drumkit?

These cables will fit either the left or right cymbals on the Guitar Hero World Tour drum kit

  • Is this kit compatible with the Band Hero drum kit?


  • Do I get instructions with my order?

Yes you will receive instructions via email showing the fitting procedure in great detail.

  • Do I need any special skills to fit this item?

No, if you can operate a screwdriver you will be fine to fit these!

  • What tools will I need?

The only tool you will need is a screwdriver (either Phillips + or a Torx T10 both of which are very common sizes). The other items you may find handy are a small pair of pliers and some sticky tape for securing the cables inside the drums.

  • Where can I get a Torx Screwdriver

Have a look at our 8 in 1 Torx Screwdriver Set

All of our parts are supplied in protective packaging to ensure they reach you in perfect condition and we keep plenty in stock for rapid dispatch to anywhere in the world

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