New Guitar Hero 5 Instruments

As you may have spotted from the pictures around the internet Activision's Guitar Hero 5, which is due to launch on 1st September, will feature new instruments (as if you don't already have enough plastic toys littering your life!)


The guitar features a new slider/ touchpad which will send signals digitally improving responsiveness and lag and apparently improving feedback to the player. Other features are an improved strummer mechanism for better reliability and of course the new look colour scheme. Oh and the strummer will be dimpled to aid grip - ooh!


Because we have no new technical details about the drums we can only comment on what you can see in the pictures from the official Guitar Hero Store Blog

As you can see the big changes are the cymbal being round and not wedge shaped, like you might see in a lot of higher quality e-drum kits, the 'Rockband' style bass pedal which clips onto the frame, this is supposed to keep the thing in position and stop it moving around but I, like may others, like putting the pedals out to the side so it will be interesting to see how many fans this move wins...

Other things to note are the front position of the controller unit which also has its pro's and con's; you will be able to use the buttons to navigate the games menus easier and hopefully be able to plug in your wired headsets and not have the wire trailing over the drums while you are trying to play, but on the other hand how many of you are convinced you will end up hitting it in a fit of drumming genius?

Apart from the cosmetic changes we will have to wait and see what performace improvments come with the new kit, hopefully Red Octane have fixed some of the issues the GH4 kit had without making it feel too much like a game controller. Oh the other thing to point out is that these 'pictures' are actually 3D renders so we have yet to see the first kit in the skin.

What are your thoughts on the new instruments? Looking forward to getting some more or are you happy that you have now finally got your GH4 instruments the way you want them and are not prepared to fork out for new ones?



3 Comments on "New Guitar Hero 5 Instruments"

  1. S Gray on Thu, 3rd Sep 2009 5:26 pm 

    The pedal looks secured to the kit. Bot sure like that idea (although a place to store it would be ace) as I play my gh4 on the out side of the kit, hope its detachable.

  2. Steve on Thu, 3rd Sep 2009 9:40 pm 

    I know what you mean, I play a lot of GH:M and like to have one pedal out to each side of the drum kit.

    This looks a lot like the Rock Band pedal where it will clip over the bottom bar but you can move it if you want, problem is the Rock Band pedal moves about and does not feel sturdy – lets hope thats not what we are getting here. Having had a look around it does not seem that this new drum kit is shipping yet so it may be a while until we find out….

  3. SlamDunc on Mon, 7th Sep 2009 7:09 pm 

    Cool but now I’ve repaired my GH4 kit (with your bits thanx!) I’ll stick to that.

    PS Cables you sent are awesome!!

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