Latest Red Octane Deals

Red Octane have got a new product soon to be availiable from their online shop and it is called - Guitar Hero Drum Kit Deluxe Midi Tuning Kit! Catchy name eh?!

Could it be that now we expected to pay to have the drums set up correctly? I think it was a good move to bring out the drum tuning kit following the raft of complaints about non responsive drum pads but to now offer to sell us the same functionality? Should it not be included free as standard if they accept people have the need for such an item? What Do you think?

Red Octane have been good to us too with $10 coming off the Guitar Hero Metallica games and bundles and a free T shirt with extra microphones being purchased through the site, not to forget that they still have their voucher code running for 10% off until 19th June!

Just one thing then Red Octane - when you going to start worldwide shipping so the rest of the world can play too?



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