Guitar Hero to put an end to obesity?

Well probably not, but playing a energetic game of guitar hero might go some way to helping you lose a few pounds for summer - good news! Now when my doctor asks me what exercise I do, I will have an answer for him!

Lets have a look at the numbers:

According to the calorie counter on, playing guitar standing up will burn through 204 calories in an hour while drums will help you shed an impressive 272 calories in the same time.

Now a point of note, these figures are given for playing actual instruments in an actual band so, in order for the game figures to be anywhere close, we have to assume you are playing on hard or expert (yeah feel that burn!). But this is good news for any fatties out there, if you are good enough to be playing on hard or expert then you are used to putting in a few hours anyway so, just for fun, lets see how long you would have to play to loose any real weight!

According to a Gallup poll, the average American weighs 17lbs more than "ideal".

A pound of fat is roughly 3500 calories

17lbs of fat is around 59500 calories

To lose 59500 calories you only need to play guitar for 291.7hrs or drums for 218.8hrs.

Put more simply, if the average American was to play Guitar Hero, non stop, on hard or expert for 12 days on guitar or just 9 days on drums, we could have this whole thing sorted by next month, easy eh?


This is not advice or a good idea, just a frivolous play with numbers, don't try it - you will almost certainly die!



One Comment on "Guitar Hero to put an end to obesity?"

  1. FunkMunky on Thu, 7th May 2009 12:04 am 

    I love this piece,it should be compulsive for all the chubby people from around the world,who needs weightwatcherz.

    On a serious note,Wicked website amigos,very helpful and interesting as welll,keep up the good work!!

    Agrophobics of the world unite !!! (via the internet)

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