Guitar Hero 6 – coming soon!

We can't say we are surprised to hear it but Guitar Hero 6 is on it's way!

In an interview with Tesla guitarist Dave Rude he let slip that they have been asked to provide one of their tracks for the upcoming release, Modern Day Cowboy is, at the moment, the only track that we are aware of but rest assured more will follow.

There are no more details about the game at the moment, but as soon as information comes out we will pass it straight on to you and in the absence of actual facts lets start some speculation! What tracks or features would you like to see in the new game? Have Activision gone as far as they can with the series now or are there still ideas to come? One thing we would like to see is more of a crossover with DJ Hero, could we see some Limp Bizkit / Linkin Park tracks with a full band and a turntable? With the release of Band Hero to please the not-too-hard music fans will Guitar Hero 6 pick up where Guitar Hero 2 and 3 left off - classic rock and harder music?

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, just pop them in the comments below!



3 Comments on "Guitar Hero 6 – coming soon!"

  1. Steven Sutler on Fri, 23rd Jul 2010 4:38 pm 

    Well I think they are milking the cow till no one is interested in GH.

    I liked Gh un till Harmonix split.
    Now I like Rock band.
    I got to give them props on making cool preferals.
    Like the battle axe premium for Game stop here in the states.
    Buy the guitar bundle get blades for it.

    But I Don’t like paying lot of money for an expansion.

    Also don like that expansions recycle characteristics from the mother game like same themed menus, same themed instrument tutorials.

    And if it is an expansion they still need online band coop up to 8 ppl so you can have an 8 ppl room from different places.
    I like me for inst I’m single hardly any one comes over.
    And yet they have trophies or achievements that require more than 1 player some times and Coop band story mode is not available.

  2. Steven Sutler on Fri, 23rd Jul 2010 4:40 pm 

    by the way how do people from the USA call you guys?
    011 44 8000723870 does not work.

  3. Steve on Sat, 24th Jul 2010 10:05 pm 

    Hi Steve

    If you wanted to call us from the states then you would need to dial 0044 800 0723870

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