GH: Metallica UK pre-order offers (No Bass Pedal?)

While the US is happily bashing away at the crazy riffs on GH: Metallica, we in the UK have still got a few weeks until launch (29/05/09). We have been looking around at some of the Pre-order offers being advertised at the moment and the big news if that, unlike the US, there are no offers on a free second bass pedal to enable Expert+ to be a possibility.

We are hoping, as you are too, that someone will get this offer eventually. has got the pedals available for pre-order  separately (RRP £49.99, "special offer price" £39.99!?!) but we are still hoping to see the free bass bundle appear soon!

Other than that the other offers available on Preorder copies are:

  • Game and Gamestation will give you a download code to download the Album Death Magnetic to play in the game
  • HMV will give you a GH:Metallica T shirt and codes for special outfits for the band (80's & Zombie)

Another thing to point out is the price difference between the different platforms - at all stores you will pay £39.99 on Xbox & PS3, £29.99 on Wii and £24.99 on PS2.

Does it really cost £15 more to produce a copy of the game for PS3 than for PS2? Or do they think that PS3 owners will just pay an extra £15 so... well... they may as well just charge it!

Have a look at some great deals on Guitar Hero Metallica



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