We try and provide you with all the information you will need before you purchase any parts from us. Most of our product pages have their own, item specific FAQ's but here are some more general ones.

Have a look through our list of frequently asked questions if there is anything you need to know, if you have a question about a topic we have not covered please Contact Us

  • What do you get with a strummer repair kit? - the kit contains 1 or 2 switches and printed fitting instructions, you will also get an email when your item is dispatched and this will include a download link for an extra copy of the instructions in high resolution colour PDF format
  • Should I buy a single or double repair kit? - In 90% of the guitars we see, only 1 switch ever really breaks but as it only takes an extra minute or two to fit a second switch it is something you should consider which is why we offer heavy discounts on the second switch
  • How long will shipping take? - See our shipping information page
  • I have never soldered before, can I still perform these repairs? - Soldering is not a difficult thing to pick up and with a bit of patience and half an hour practise you should be fine. You can view a good soldering guide to give you some pointers.
  • What happens if I have any trouble with the fitting? - We provide full email support for all customers and troubleshooting guide if needed
  • I don't have a Palpal account but I want something you have advertised - You can still add items to your cart and pay without ever signing up for a Paypal account if you don't want one, you will be given a link to pay with credit card at the checkout stage and you can do this without registering with paypal at all.
  • You don't have my local currency listed can I still buy from you? - Yes just select your preferred currency from the list and Paypal will exchange it automatically and at no charge to you.
  • Why can I not add items of different currencies to my shopping cart? - Paypal will only allow payments in one currency at a time you will need to checkout or empty a cart of one currency before you can start another currency
  • I'm looking for a repair / part that I cannot find on your site - We keep a large amount of stock for lots of GH products, use the Contact Us link┬áto ask us if we have what you are looking for!


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