DJ Hero is as addictive as Guitar Hero!

Well it came as a shock to us to, we are all of the metal persuasion when it comes to music, but DJ Hero may well be good enough to convert rockers to ravers!

The new game has been out for a few days now and having battled the shopping masses to get the game on release day, we have had some time to sit down and really get into the game. coming from the same makers as the Guitar Hero series you would be correct in assuming it shares a lot of the same features (renamed but still there, thinly disguised!) and some of those skills your fingers developed in GH will certainly come in handy while mixing.

The game operates as if you were a DJ playing 2 records at the same time, mixing and scratching between them and adding your samples over the top, this is easily represented in the game by the green and blue glowing lines as your two records, which can be scratched and played independently of each other or at the same time by use of the crossfader. You also have the samples which are represented by the red line, this allows you to play in the samples the song requires but also gives you the ability to throw in some of your own when you get the chance - not exactly contributing to the song very well but more making your friends laugh at all the air horns you are putting over an otherwise great track.

The mixes and DJ's represent a real variety of DJ based music from hip hop, old school, funk, r n b, dance, electronica and scratching genres and even through you may not think you'd like the music, when it feels like you have some control over it you really do feel involved.

The DJ controller is small but perfectly formed, it feels good, works well (so far!), and is not too big to have lying around with all your other plastic toys. We have done a complete stripdown of the controller and are in the process of getting the article ready at the moment, as soon as it is done we can show you the inner workings so all you modders can start thinking of how to pimp it up a little!

The longevity of the game will depend on DLC (and how deep your pockets are) and how much you love the music but with the difficulty akin to maybe GHWT, most people should be able to 4/5 star things on easy after a bit of practise but hard and then expert will take some work, this should last a good while.




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