DJ Hero: Controller pictures released

Thanks to the DJ Hero tweet (oh yes 'tweet' is a proper word now!) we have got these first glimpse pictures of the controllers for the upcoming DJ Hero and they look pretty cool.

I would guess looking at the pictures that the finished item may look something like this

Possible DJ Hero Setup

The big question is going to be do you get to 'scratch' the turntable? I think (and hope!) that will be the case, and so controlling the game may well be a case of using the 'scratch' action of the turntable along with a combination of buttons to produce different scratch sounds which may come down on a highway like Guitar Hero, but then I imagine there will be the need to beat-match two tracks and fade them in (are we gonna get cool one eared DJ headphones too?)

That would give you the basic gameplay of starting on a track, scratching it up Mix Master Mike style, beatmatching and fading into a new track, scratching it up again and so on.

Remember all this conjecture is based on the two photos above, this is only my idea if you have a better one (or better still you are a whistle-blower working for Red Octane!) then tell us all about it.

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5 Comments on "DJ Hero: Controller pictures released"

  1. micksmaster on Sat, 9th May 2009 9:48 am 

    I’ve been waiting for this one. how cool is that? It wont replace my decks but its gonna be FUN!!

  2. FunkMunky on Mon, 11th May 2009 5:42 pm 

    I also play on 1210s and i think anybody who loves turntablism and can’t match the skills of the great scratch DJs such as q-bert,roc raida and babu will do anything to get their hands on this piece of kit,i just hope that if you get to do all the wicked scratch parts on hip hop tracks they (GH) don’t pick mainstream or chart tracks or if they have to (parental advisory and all that) don’t have so many.

    Wikka Wikka Frrrrrrrrrresh

  3. Newt on Mon, 11th May 2009 10:23 pm 

    Gotta agree FM, too often it gets mainstream and ruins the idea

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  5. Mudasir on Sat, 2nd Mar 2013 4:08 pm 

    i dont usual comment but i have to say thank you for that lesosn it was easy to learnand i liked the way you went over it in parts. thank you kind sir and hope to see more of your vidoes

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