Original Xbox

The Original Xbox console was an excellent bit of kit that is still in great demand today, with great graphics, DVD player, built in hard drive, online multiplayer gaming, Xbox live and Multimedia potential to rival its big brother the Xbox 360. The games are now very cheap as is the console and when you have a look at the advances in Xbox Media Center and realise to easy it is to turn a good old console into a good old console & award winning High Definition Media Center PC there is nothing to stop you getting on board!

Check out these bargain used Xbox consoles:

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It's fair to say that the secondhand prices are a lot cheaper but that has always been the way for gaming consoles. As soon as a new box comes out, the old ones are dropped like lead balloons by many users.

At least with the Xbox, all versions are still supported and games are so cheap secondhand that you can't beat them on "bang-for-buck".