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Buy Guitar Hero MicrophoneOfficial Guitar Hero Microphone.


The official microphone for all of the Guitar Hero & Band Hero games which support singing.

The microphone features a usb connection which can plug into either the PS3 Xbox 360 or Wii console and can also be used with a PC.


Microphone Replacement FAQ's

  • Do I get instructions with my order?

No, the microphone just requires plugging in.

  • What tools will I need?


  • Do I need any special skills to fit this item?


  • Which games is this compatible with?

Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero Metallica

Guitar Hero Greatest Hits

Guitar Hero Smash Hits

Guitar Hero 6

Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero Van Halen

Band Hero

Band Hero 2

Also compatible with other console singing games like Singstar, Lips, Rockband and many more