Buying tips

So you have found something you like the look of eh? Its cheap yes? You want it now huh? Well by following a few simple steps you can make sure what you want is what you get!

  • Read the ad - sounds obvious I know but you need to read exactly what the buyer is saying in their ad, most seller are good people trying to provide the best service they can but you still need to check.
  • Ask questions - if you're buying a console, for instance, and it does not mention that the power lead is included then ask! Chances are the seller has just forgotten to mention it, but what if they are selling without a power cable? That would be very dissapointing when it arrived.
  • Check Feedback - Feedback is eBay's way of keeping the honest, honest! Good traders will have a good feedback rating and comments - they are used to getting it right and will not want to ruin their reputation on one transaction going wrong, so they will ensure you stay happy throughout.
  • Check how much things cost on other sites like Amazon to make sure you are getting the best deal.
  • When to buy - these deals change by the minute so you should be sure to check back often, but generally if you are looking on a sunday afternoon you will be bidding against more people than if you were looking on a tuesday morning.
  • Paying - while sellers can accept many methods of payment, Paypal is by far the favoured way of paying, it is safe, free, and provides insurance should something go wrong - If you do not have a Paypal account go get one now!
  • Problems? eBay and Paypal both work very hard to ensure the process is a hapy one and as you will see by looking at people's feedback rating very, very few people ever experience a bad transaction and even then they can get their money back.

By following these simple steps you should be able to keep yourself safe online and get the very best value deals.



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