Once upon a time there was no Guitar Hero, the world was a barren and cold place and rhythm games were for young girls and odd looking people in video arcades. Suddenly, Guitar Hero arrived and the world was a different, better, place.....

We at GuitarHeroRepair.com, like many of you, caught the GH bug big time! The feeling of prancing around your living room wailing on a plastic guitar pretending to be one of many rock icons was so appealing and so addictive it has taken over many of our lives (don't think this doesn't apply to you - it does!). So it was decided to start up this website with the goal of offering people the latest news, products, repairs and mods to keep us feeding the beast.

We have more technical expertise than any other Guitar Hero site, due to the number of instruments we repair. Quite simply no one has taken more instruments apart and seen more issue than us, that is why our repair parts are not just replicas of the original parts, they are improvements on the original, based on our knowledge of what breaks, how it breaks, and what would have stopped it breaking in the first place.

While we love them dearly, we are not associated with Activision or Red Octane in any way. We are an independant company based in the UK and serving the world with the products they want to keep their instruments up and running.

If you have any questions about the site please Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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